Short biography I  had my first (electronic) musical experience at the age of 4 or 5, thanks to the title song of the TV series called Knight Rider. In the following years the films and TV-series of the eighties and their songs had great effects on me. When I was a boy I spent much time in movie theatres and videotheques. It was the year 1995 which has meant to me the real change in the field of music, I was caught up in the wave of „techno lifestyle”.

In 1997 I founded a music fan club consisting of almost 200 people, and I also founded a magazine spreaded at underground scene in 1998. I got my first opportunity as a DJ at the local radio (Egerszeg Rádió) on January 14, 2000. In 2001 I started playing at one of West Hungary’s biggest clubs (Club Azték). At the beginning occasionally but after a few months I had the opportunity to play at the beginning and at the end of parties on every Friday and Saturday. At this club I played some of my breakbeat/downtempo tracks.

I started composing music in 2001; at the beginning I made drum n’ bass & breakbeat remixes and reworks in order to play them at parties. At the beginning of 2007 I made a Myspace page, I wrote 20 promo CDs and sent them to several points of the world – the channel of the award-winner american  Groovera was the first one which started playing my tracks, followed by numerous other radio stations and podcasts (Ambient Ping, Therealthings, Radio Tilos, Jazzylounge, Proton, Ambientfalls,…). More than ten record lables were interested in my album in preparation, such as one of the U.K.’s leading instrumental musical publisher. In 2011 the scope of references of international radios and podcast were expanded more, but I got place on such extremely popular compilations like The Chilloutlounge Mix and Guido’s Lounge Cafe. I created my first short-film Interkozmosz in 2014, what opened the 25. MEDIAWAVE International Film Festival. I wrote music for animation short films („Moonlanding”, „The Mantle of Saint Martin”) television campaigns („Footbus”) and direct to CD-albums („The Fountain of Life”). I worked as a musical selector and organiser and I had live gigs on festivals and DJ sets on underground parties. Currently living by the lake Balaton and workin’ on my artist albums, managing my Youtube channel and developing my monthly DJ podcast „Body Language”.

(Photography: Gabi Gombás)

I would like to Thank You for the following persons:

My mum for the patience and for the support in the beginning , my dad for my first computer, my brothers for the DJ skills, Ildi – my lovely space girl, László Varga for the very first computer made music, Tamás Tóth & Syncopa team, DJ HaZo, Csaba Pataki for my first electric organ, Tamás Nadrai for the sound samples and weekend sessions, Gabi Gombás – for the artistic photography, András Szőke – for the meditative reflections, Gábor Santák aka DJ Santi, Péter Bácskay – for the studio sessions, NaGabor – the soundtrack specialist, Attila Salamon for the fantastic guitar play, Tom Gillieron for the quality master sound, DJ Fish-Air for the friendship & visual, Mark Reeder @MFS for the feedback, Miklós Vajda for the co-operation, Csongor Németh for the graphic design work.


Harald Blüchel aka Cosmic Baby, Mark Isham, John Carpenter, James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, Ennio Morricone, Edgar Froese – Chris Franke – Johannes Schmoelling – Peter Baumann – Paul Haslinger (Tangerine Dream), Patrick O’Hearn, DJ Dobos Tamás, Aphex Twin, Vangelis Papathanassiou, New Order, Cliff Martinez, J. Peter Robinson, Angelo Badalamenti, Future Sound Of London, Pino Donaggio, Hybrid Sound System, BT, Yoichiro Yoshikawa, Apollo 440…